Monday, February 1, 2010


I haven’t watched the Grammys in years. I flipped it on last night out of boredom, waiting for Big Love to start (which has been a real let-down so far this season, hasn’t it?). Saw Beyonce. Lots and lots of pomp...that just didn’t resonate. Then I caught this (below):


Just so well-done on so many levels, I don’t have the proper words to sum it up (...not a mere 12 hours after-the-fact, anyway). Beautiful song. Brilliant theatrical presentation. Stunning performance. And no one saw it coming.


john wall said...

Pink delivered an amazing performance, but I think she could have worn something a little classier and still have been sexy.

Greg Ippolito said...

Nah, I thought she nailed that part of it, too. When the robe came off, you had that moment of, “Whoa!” -- but that was as far as she pushed. The performance rolled right along, and the costume never became a distraction or a tool for offense. It was the opposite of Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction.”


P.S. I love what you’re doing in Kentucky, btw. The Sixers need you, John. A lot.