Monday, March 1, 2010

The People v. Bad Company

Bad Company, you are hereby charged with ripping off Joni Mitchell.

Your self-titled song, “Bad Company,” is an almost note-for-note copy of Joni’s transcendent “Woodstock.”

Jurors, let’s examine the evidence. First, “Bad Company”:

Next, “Woodstock”:

In closing, we do recognize that without you, Bad Company, we wouldn’t have Stillwater — and that’s worth noting. But we also recognize that Stillwater isn’t even real, yet “Fever Dog” is a better song than anything you guys ever recorded. That’s right: you guys aren’t as good as a pretend band. That’s also worth noting.

Now, back to the song in question. Beyond being a blatant rip-off, it’s also self-titled. Who does that? A self-titled album, okay. But a self-titled song? Unless you’re name is Wilco, you’re just walking into a hornets’ next with a stunt like that.

Bad Company sucks.

The plaintiff rests.