Monday, April 12, 2010

The King (not-Elvis edition)

This is a celebration. A celebration of LeBron James, who is about three weeks away from claiming his second straight MVP nod.

So let the debates begin. Let’s hear the naysayers come out with arguments for Kobe, for Durant, for D-Ho (?). Please.

Just check out this small sampling of what the King has done on the court this season:


Good golly, Miss Molly.

I’m not going to get into stats and PERs and win/loss and all that. ESPN has twenty-seven different writers who will be hashing all that out over these next weeks. LeBron is my 2009-10 MVP for this reason:

If I ran a good NBA team, and we had to play one game (or for that matter, a 7-game series) for our lives, I’d rather play against any other team than the Cavs. And LeBron is the reason.

Even the Lakers — with a fading-but-still-awesome Kobe, a superior supporting cast, and a coach who makes Mike Brown look like a child — don’t put that icy fear in me like the Cavs do. (And to be clear: I’m assuming Shaq is done for the season.)


P.S. This is kind of beside the point, but screw it: LeBron does things that honestly seem to defy the laws of physics. On a breakaway once, I watched him blaze downcourt and somehow get from the top of the key to the rim in ZERO TIME. It looked like a “glitch in the matrix,” where he somehow moved from Point A to Point B without any time elapsing. It was even blurry on the slow-mo playback. Unreal. (I’ve seen only three players in my lifetime who made me jump out of my seat and yell, “Whoa!!!” — a whoa that meant, “How is that humanly possible?!” Those three players? Magic, MJ, LeBron.)

P.P.S. Speaking of MJ: When did Jordan win his first title? His 7th season. What season is LeBron playing right now? His 7th season. (And by the way, he’s only 25 years old.)

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